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Association for Science Education (ASE)

Image of teacher and sceince studentsAbout ASE

The Association plays a significant role in promoting excellence in teaching and learning of science in schools and colleges. Working closely with the science professional bodies, industry and business, the ASE provides a UK-wide network, bringing together individuals and organisations to share ideas and tackle challenges in science teaching, develop resources and foster high quality Continuing Professional Development.

Example of ASE website

The key objectives

Due to the lack of development investment, the former ASE website, which had existed since 2002, had become outdated and did not provide many of the services expected by their members. Their old website also fell short in the functional support and cross-sharing of content to their linked 'partner' sites.

As one of the UK's leading promoters of excellence in science teaching and learning, it is important that the ASE is perceived and identified as the resource for those with an interest in science education and learning. As such, the new website needed to provide members with a rich source of ideas and resources, as well as be a platform for discussion. What's more, the new website had to provide the ASE with the right online tools and service facilities to effectively support various management tasks within the association.

The solution

Following the ASE's very specific requirements, the new website - - by NetXtra is an informative and comprehensive central repository for those with an interest in science education and learning, giving the ASE members the ideal forum to share ideas, dialogue and other resources.

NetXtra has also integrated the ASE's IRIS Integra membership system, allowing members to get access to a new 'My ASE' area. This facility provides a range of personalised Groups, Committees, Regions and Journal areas, offering facilities such as group specific forums, news, documents and other useful science-based online tools and information.

Another useful and popular feature is a facility where members can book and create their own personal ASE Conference agenda and timetable - an option that has been well received by members.

Members also have the ability to update their own personal details directly to the ASE's IRIS Integra membership system - saving the ASE time and money on administration.

Further features of the new website include a members' online bookshop, a CPD information area, a dedicated CEO blog, visitor polls, and, as part of the 'ASE Online' initiative, a useful Resources area specifically for science teachers. Members can also access Journals for which they have a subscription, with non-members able to view selected articles as an incentive to full membership.

As well as launching the new website, the ASE are also benefitting from NetXtra's bulk email delivery system. NetXtra's Communications Manager is a comprehensive email broadcast solution allows the ASE to quickly and easily create and then send targeted e-newsletters and email alerts to members. These e-bulletins can be sent to all or, if required, specifically targeted members using Communications Manager's integral Recipient Builder facility - a feature that also maximises upon the benefits of the website's IRIS Integra integration.

The conclusion

The new ASE website has received plaudits and highly favourable comments from many quarters, with several members remarking upon its eye-catching and intuitive design.

Seamless integration to ASE's IRIS Integra membership system has streamlined user processes and made website and back-office administration far more efficient.

NetXtra's easy-to-use content management system also gives the ASE control over their website's content and navigation. One such example can be seen in the Resources area of the site; here, the ASE's site administrators have themselves utilised the CMS's page tree facility to create 'sub-categories' and, as such, create new 'sub-pages' within the Resources area of the site.

The ASE's marketing and promotion is now much slicker, with website administrators being able to target a myriad of membership categories and sub-categories with specific web content and information. This, in turn, offers real value to membership by providing them with exactly what they need and, ultimately, are entitled to.

This, coupled with facilities to create private discussions via the online forums and committees, provides ASE members with the opportunity to really benefit from effective online engagement and interaction - both with the ASE and each other.


Example of ASE website

Summary of the features and benefits

  • Integration to IRIS Integra - offering benefits that include personalised areas such as Groups, Committees, Regions and Journals, as well as other information for logged in members. Members can also update their personal details online, saving the ASE time and money in back-office administration.
  • CEO Blog - a platform that provides visitors with regular science education based insights from the ASE's CEO, Annette Smith. As a result, the ASE enjoys a steady stream of returning visitors already engaged with what they do.
  • Personalised and targetable email alerts and e-newsletters - NetXtra's Communications Manager provides the ASE with fully member targeted and personalised electronic news and event bulletins.
  • ASE Conference Personal Timetable - an area where members can use the website to book and plan their own personal ASE Conference agenda and timetable.
  • Online bookshop - allowing the ASE to provide educational books online.
  • Science Journals and Resources - a series of online publications and resources that are created, funded and vetted by a group of editors.
  • Interactive online polls - providing an instant opportunity for visitors to become engaged.
  • Social media promotion - direct links to the ASE's YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.
  • Professional development - detailed information to gain access to CPD opportunities.

Launch website -

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